Wide Spread Corruption in San Antonio School Districts Reflects on the Institutionalized Corruption and Lack of Ethics of City Hall

San Antonio Could Give Mexico City a run for corruption.

San Antonio used to be a good place to live. Then it was overrun by economic refugees from a corrupt and failed system in Mexico.
These people being brilliant, wanted to install the failed and corrupt Mexican way of doing politics and business, so they could screw San Antonio up, make it a shit hole like the shit hole they were trying to get away from.

The refugees from their own system, installed that system in San Antonio, in city hall, in the school districts, in every aspect of life, the brought with them the open acceptance of pay offs, bribery, nepotism, and good ole amigo politics, lack of morals.

Have been watching the various city and county governments in San Antonio and Bexar county for over forty years now. I have seen all, the whole city going from being a decent small city, to a shit hole run by the current corrupt cowards, who would not recognize truth or honor if both reared up and bit them on the ass, one each cheek, simultaneously.

The invading Mexicans have turned San Antonio into a shit hole, just like they tried to run away from. They brought their evil with them, and transplanted it, their exceptance of a grown man having sex with very young teenagers, leaving them pregnant for other people to pay and care for. Bribery is out in the open, excepted, a way of life, just like in Mexico.

When i was a child, remember when my father would drive across the border to shop, when he would park his car, he would pay a bribe to a guy to watch his car so it was not stolen. Then he would walk down about a block, bribe another guy to watch the first one he bribed. I am well aware of the way things are done in Mexican culture. Had friends i would go spend the weekend with in Mexico, watched how things work
Recall seeing married men with children tell their wives they were going to the whore house, and they would meekly say, OK.

Friend of ours, who’s husband had a child with another women, and old as he is, still cats around on her, told me of a friend of her husband when they were younger, had about a fifteen year old wife. He would bring sluts home from bars, and his young wife had to set on the front steps of the house while he serviced the whores in their bed.

San Antonio’s leading lawyer for La Raza/LULAC, tried to have sex with my daughter when she was a teenager, he had a wife and teenage step daughter which should not have been allowed in the house with him, when he was trying to breed my daughter.

Texas simply does not need moral-less Mexican culture corrupting all it touches.

San Antonio Simply does not need a corrupt bunch of minions at city hall acting like this is Mexico and anything goes.

The in your face corruption, at city hall, has gravitated there in my lifetime.

It has trickled down to the bottom of life in San Antonio.

In recent years, the Texas Education Agency, has had to take control of three school districts because of corruption, bribes, payoffs, inability to educate the students. The district i live in has until the 8th of this month to provide documentation a long list of criminal charges involving all the corruption, overpaying on contract, hiring lovers, brothers, mothers, payoffs and many other charges. State will probably take this one over also.

If San Antonio, is to be cleaned up, it must start with City Hall. Anyone who is serving or has served at city hall, is not fit to hold office, as they have shown, they have no problem being a corrupted person in a cess pool of corruption.

City hall must be cleaned out, the appointees who hold the corruption in place while the new corrupted elects learn the ropes of rabid corruption in city government must go also.

When the whore house of San Antonio City government is hauled off to the pokey, the piano player has to be hauled off also. Get a new piano player who is not comfortable with the evil of city hall, the corrupt ways business is done as a acceptable thing

John C Carleton