San Antonio City Council is Stirring Racism, Going to Bring Violence to the Streets

I do not know if it is true, but the rumor mill has the CITY of SAN ANTONIO, removing a Confederate monument from Travis park Thursday night.

Political whores trying to buy illegal alien votes, who should not be voting in San Antonio, Texas anyway.

If not for the San Antonio Police Department, planning and keeping the un-permitted, bused in Antifa agitators away from the permitted Texas crowd in a rally for leaving the statue where it is, Charlottesville could have already happened here.

Not content with the negative press San Antonio has already gotten, world wide because City Council is trying to buy votes by craping on the memory of brave Texas who defended their country, State and families when invaded by a foreign enemy, who were raping their children, wives, sisters, mothers, murdering them a good bit of the time, burning their homes, churches, courthouses, hospitals, out houses, pig pins, stealing everything they could carry and destroying the rest. They burned crops and killed all the livestock they could not take with them. San Antonio mayor and city council are determined to bring race riots and violence into the streets of San Antonio.

Don’t remember who or where, but have seen, i believe on Facebook, the remark that if the blacks get this one taken down, then by god, someone would take down the MLK statue.

There has never been, as far as i know, any real problem in my time, between the blacks and caucasians in the city. Oh a few ass holes on both sides sure, always have some ass holes in any bunch, but not real trouble.

The Federal Government is behind all the Antifa bull shit, Soros is just the paymaster. The Federal government wants violence in the streets so they can declare martial law.

If they move that statue, they are going to start race riots in the streets of San Antonio. I would not put it past the feds to yank down the MLK statue driving a red neck truck flaying a Confederate flag.

My personal view is that i hope it does not happen. It is not San Antonio’s blacks that want this taken down, it is the political prostitutes at City Hall. I am an admirer of MLK, he put his life on the line for his people, he knew the Federal Government might kill him, and they did.

The King family sued the Federal Government in Civil court, for murdering MLK, and won.

San Antonio’s down town lives or dies by tourism and conventions.
You will see business’s going out of business all over down town if this gets to riots in the streets. No one will bring their children to go walk down streets they may get beat up or murdered on. Large conventions will look for a city which had the damn sense not to stir the shit trying to buy votes.

If they move that Statue, i have already told my wife, we will make all major purchase in another town, which did not shit on the memory of my and her ancestors and kin.

If they move it, i will personally organize a campaign to have people wanted the statue to stay, to boycott buying any major item in San Antonio.

Those on City Council stirring this pot, along with the mayor, are fools who will bring finical troubles to the city, along with violence.

I hope that the city can dodge violence and financial ruin brought by the political ambitions of un-honorable public teat hangers.

I do not have a good feeling on this.

John C Carleton

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