Five hundred acres with a creek flowing by a hardened home in the middle, lengths marked off at hundred yard intervals, so i don’t have to guess at my elevation.

Thats what i long for.

Don’t have to associate with the sheep, except on rare occasions when i would be forced into the dens of craziness known as towns and cities for supplies.

My very DNA yarns for the mountains, the hills.

And here i am living in a flat land city.

This life is not about what we want. Its about what we need. Apparently before this life i full of myself volunteered for an assignment that i now find, i will do, but don’t especially like. The location and company makes me yearn for high places where hypocrisy and courts are far away things. So far back in the hills that the kings men are afraid to travel far enough in the wilderness to harass you.

When i was in the navy, had that problem.

“We need someone to drive tractor trailers loaded with bombs through questionable desert highways, in the middle of a war.”

Like a fool my hand would go up, “Hell, i can do that.”

I know my tendencies and character. I know what i value, and what i do not. Those things have changed with life lessons learned.

I except that if i was to have that five hundred acres, i would be tempted to say to hell with those ignorant sheep, i will just stay here.

That is not what i volunteered for, not what my duty is. Maybe next life i can be a hillbilly with the best land, highest on the mountain, sweetest honey on the mountain,the tamest goats, and a women who has as much disdain for pompous would be kings as i.

See what happens when you don’t learn to control your mouth and hand.

John C Carleton

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