The Zionist Have Lost in Syria

ISIS, and all off shoots, are rapidly giving way and collapsing in Syria.

There was a story week or two back. Seven of the “White Helmets”, a propaganda arm of Tel/Aviv/Washington DC who were caught several times aiding the terrorist, were killed and no one had a clue who did it.

Now comes a story, of ‘Al Nusra Co-Founder Killed by Unknown Assailants’.

Tel Aviv/Washington DC sees the handwriting on the wall of Babylon , MOSAAD/CIA are cleaning up lips which might become loose when the USA currency/Israhelli Shekels stops going into their pockets.

Mind you, unless the world destroys the beast, they will be back for another try, but for now, they have admitted to themselves they lost in Syria. Six years and untold trillions of dollars pissed down a rat hole trying to take Syria, make it a zionist puppet state, whatever land Israhell was going to leave them.

What you are seeing, is the Empire disposing of criminal useful idiots while there is still enough war going on they can slip in and execute their own employs, who are becoming a liability.

Don’t pop the cork on the champaign yet, push the evil of zionism out of one place, it pops up in another.

Lots of work to be done slaying the Beast of zionism if humanity is to survive as other than slaves to baby raping and murdering Usury bankers and elite minions.

What Americans were taught as history, science, political truths, religion, were all BS and zionist propaganda. Americans must educate themselves.

Each true American male, must go into a secluded room, drop their shorts, and see if they have a set. If they don’t, time to grow up and let them drop.

True Americans are going to be needed badly, rebuilding a society from the shit hole that Zionism has made of it.

Oh yes. Texas Must Secede!

John C Carleton

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