Lo Though i Walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Zionism, i will Fear No Evil

Lo, though i walk through the valley of the shadows zionism
i will fear no evil
For my Ancestors are with me
They bid me defend my homeland and people
They tell me of duty to Nature, and to man kind
They urge me to stand up and take my place with my brothers
Against the evil of the oppressors of humanity
They remind me that i alone can determine my success or failure
Being the emissary of Nature and Light
In the fight against the darkness of evil and greed
They give me encouragement when i stumble and fall
They look at me and shake their heads when i fail
They are proud of me most when my back is to the wall
They remind me the thousands of ancestors needed to give me life
And bid me to protect their prodigy with my life
To protect their land
Against political prostitutes and hypocritical whitetrash
They demands that i rise against the evil of the dark side
Until the end
So i speak the truth
i warn the sheep
i wish for the great gathering of souls to come
So my duty here is done