U.S. Navy Citing Poor Seamanship, Removes Commanders of USS Fitzgerald Over Deadly Collision-gCaptain

I was Navy, Seabee, but Navy.

The Captain of the ship/the commander of a battalion, is responsible for everything which happens in his command.

If the Navy needs to grab someone, throw them on their sword, so the admirals really responsible for the sorry recruits, lack of a leader in being able to get real military efficiency out of a transgender political correct military, lack of funds for training, the commanders of battalions, ships, are handy for that purpose.

This captain may have been a real looser who should not have been charge of the garbage detail, or he may have been a damn good officer who was whipped into line, and gave up, learned to stop fighting the system.

Don’t matter. When this accident happened, i told friends that the CO and XO were toast.

John C Carleton