What the Media won’t tell you about Charlotte-youtube

I have been convinced for years that the Federal “government”, makes damn Sure that such divisive groups as the NAACP, LULAC, BLACK Lives Matter, KKK, La Raza, many others stay in business and are funded indirectly by the Federal “government”, with only the very top few in these organizations really know who they are working for, and what the real reason they are causing discord.

Violence, hate, riots to take attention off an impending economic collapse, on demand.

Infiltrate well meaning organizations who are trying to fight back, get people in those organizations preaching hate, not peace.

Charlotte was planned at the Federal level, carried out at the city level, backed by the State level.

What you need to ask yourself, if they want you watching the discord, what is it they do not want you watching.

Or, are they trying to declare martial law so they can take the gloves and mask off and show you the real face of Washington DC?

John C Carleton