Interview With the descendant of Free Texas Blacks, who are Confederate Veterans-Youtube

Today, George Soros bused in some Black Lives Matters agitators.

They had a rally about taking a Confederate Monument down in Travis Park.

No one bothered them.

They were supposed to vacate the park by 1300 as the pro Southern history and Heritage rally kicked off at 1400 hrs.

They came back, tried their best to start trouble. My wife got caught in a police convoy, trying to check on me, ended up with a front row seat, to the agitation that the San Antonio police put up with.

The Police more than bent over backwards to keep the peace, taking sass from some of these agitators who seemed to be trying to get arrested. When the police are wrong, i am the first to point it out. But today i was proud of the restraint they showed.

My apologies, the video is not the best, as i was running both ends of the camera.

John C Carleton