I propose a law called the ‘Zionist Self Deportation Law’

First, if you are not aware, when a new elected or appointed person makes it to Washington DC to join the Washington DC/USA crime canal, they are “asked” to sign a pledge to put Israhell first. This pledge is not of the “government” itself. and is not mandatory, coming from a USA based zionist organization.

If they do not sign however, their campaign funds will dry up, the next election, a very strong, very well financed candidate, will be running against them. The will do one term, and go home. Appointed people can be un-appointed, very fast as the USS Trumptanic appointments have shown.

So i, as an American, propose, that it be mandatory for anyone, everyone, having a tax exempt status, serving in the public sector anywhere, at any level, to sign a pledge to put America and Americans before any form of Zionism.

Violation of that pledge, would carry a mandatory, non pardonable sentence of 15-life, at hard labor, making little rocks out of big ones, hell picking cotton!
Or, they voluntarily deport themselves, get the hell out of the country, fast!

If ever caught back in the country, that would trigger a mandatory, non pardonable death penalty to be carried out within 24 hours.

Here is the good part. A zionist word is worthless. They have no honor, they are going to lie!

Lawyers, cops, politicians, schoolteachers, bankers, and ministers, especially zionist ministers!

I would drag John Hagee’s fat ass down to the front of the row to sign that pledge!
He would violate it next Sundays donation session.

Give him the choice of breaking rocks in the hot sun, or get the hell out of the country.

Fat son of a bitch would deport himself. Of course all of his ill gotten gain would be frozen, transferred to a fund to feed the hungry Palestinian orphans.

Have all these evil, baby raping politicians, MSM talking heads and owners, bankers, ministers, lawyers and such, deport themselves.

It is very simple, and would soon bring a calming effect to the people of America as these blood sucking parasite class, the agitators, the BS slingers, are gone, and with them their evil lies and agitation.

I mean, deportation would not be mandatory. Its not like they would not have a choice.

I mean, who knows, maybe John Hagee has always harbored a secret desire to break rocks in the hot sun.

John C Carleton

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