Goggle, Youtube, fighting truth and freedom.

I know my Musical limitations. I have enough musical talent to really appreciate people who can play like i never will, and have voices which make mine sound like a billy goat in heat.

I do enjoy music. Not going to be the next Willy or Waylon, although i am a Texas boy.

When i started making videos, it was from a love of music, but in my case, was a way of speaking the truth through song. Tried to put a little history or truth in front of each one.

The first one i did was a conversion of Janis Joplins Mercedes Benz called, Obama won’t you buy me a Cadillac Escalade.

After a bit and a couple of C&W songs of artist i admired, made one for Hillary. Took Bobby Bare’s Marie Laveau, converted to Hillary Rodveau.

After Trump made an ass out of himself by continuing the wars, attacking Syria with missiles at a cost of about 100 million dollars, because the West lied about Syria using “chemical weapons”, i did one for trump. Took “I fought the law and the law won’, converted it to ‘I tried to trump America,(and America won).

You can still watch that one on my Youtube channel, but not the obomister one, and not the Hillary one.

They are still there, but you can not see them. If you have a link already, you can go there and watch, but searching Youtube, they will not be shown or recommended. They are invisible. There, but not really.

Have a video called, ‘I’m a good ole rebel’. Fellow left a comment and asked me to watch a song he did about “Texas Forever”. Went to his video channel, could not find it. Messaged him back, if he sends a link, i can watch it.

This gives me hope. With all the MSM propaganda machine, with all the Universities under their control, all the propaganda force fed American children in the government indoctrination centers known as “public Schools”, and people are still waking up to their evil.

They are having to increase the level of propaganda and censorship trying to stop the awakening.

Passed down from my father to me.
Takes a thousand props to hold up a lie, but the truth will stand alone.

The evil has already lost. The Evil of Zionism may murder a few million more before the scum bags go down. In the end however, lies are temporary bull shit. Truth is eternal.

John C Carleton