Washington DC is Soaked in the Blood of the Innocent, and Those Who Serve Washington DC, are evil murdering Whores who Drink and Bath in the Blood of the Innocent

Washington DC has been evil from the time the Empire planted their banner there. No one has ever added together, the total number of murders of the innocent which soaks the ground of Washington DC. It would be many, many millions of innocent souls murdered by Washington DC for wealth and power.

There is a virus, which consumes the heart, soul, part of the brain which controls honor, justice, compassion, empathy. It has known other names in times past, but today i refer to it as the Zionist virus. Want to know what it does to an infected human? Study the Rabies virus, what it does to animals. It completely replaces in time, anything and everything that animal was, and it becomes a thing of hate, trying to spread the death to others, before it dies. It’s one last thing, desire, is to spread death to all other living creatures.

Case in point, the despicable John McCain. His zionist virus eaten brain is killing him, he knows he has months to live at best, but unrepentant of his evil, he is desperately trying to start WW 3 in which many more untold millions, perhaps billions this time, of innocent humans, would die for the power and profit of the zionist elite.

Washington DC from it’s inception, has been controlled by this virus.

If Americans want to be free, the virus must be eradicated from the land of America.

If the humans of the world want to be free, the virus must be eradicated from the world.

There is no other choice, except to doom your prodigy, to a world of evil and shit.

John C Carleton