Trump politicizing intelligence to quit Iran deal-Press TV

I wish Trump was the second coming, that he would lead America back to freedom, honor, justice.

I wish the USA was not a international war criminal crime cabal.

I wish each day i did not have to look at the actions of USA and Americans, and have to be ashamed, disgusted by their actions.

I wish the world the USA is trying to force on humanity was not a world of evil and shit.

I will never except, the evil of Washington DC and it’s masters, i will speak out against the evil.

I will never except that humanity can not clean up this world, dispensing as much justice as can be done, in this world.

I wish i could just go fishing and not each day have to deal with the lies, murders, pedophilia, theft, oppression of Washington DC and it’s masters.

If Americans do not stand up, find some balls and honor, they deserve to live in a world of shit.

John C Carleton

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