McMaster solidifies power at NSC–and supports Iran deal and sees Israel as occupier

“If you want to know who controls you, ask who you can not criticize.”

In America, you can cuss Washington DC, Iran, Russia, the EU, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Canada, All of South America, Mexico, Cuba, Italy, and many others.

In America, you are not allowed to tell the truth of the invasion, occupation, Holocusting of the Palestinian people in their own land by a fanatical religious cult.

If you do not pretend that the Zionist crime cabal occupying Palestine is legit, if you question the ridiculous fairy tail of a demon god who picked this religious cult to be able to do any evil they want, anytime they want, anyplace they want, you will be attacked.

If you talk of the reality of true history, instead of a cobbled together evil childish fairy tail which allows a religious cult to oppress humanity, you will be attacked.

If you point out that Judaism is a religion, not a separate sub race of the human race, you will be attacked. If you are a professional in media, education, business, you will be ruined, lied about, called names, perhaps murdered.

Washington is a cess pool, a depository for human dung.

John C Carleton

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