Geopolitical tensions are Designed To Distract the public from Economic Decline-Covert Geopolitics

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Economic collapse is coming, the elites planned the whole Usury fiat currency scam. It is a multigenerational effort by a handful of homicidal psychopath families and their organizations.

They have plans to keep control, eating well, living high on the hog with their stolen wealth, while a huge amount of humans die of the results of their shenanigans.

Humanity needs to remember who did this to them, and show their appreciation by eliminating these families in self defense.

Reincarnation is real

One argument against multigenerational plans for theft from, and control of the masses, is what would it benefit them, when they are dead, to make sure their sire, who they truly do not give a shit about, has massive amounts of wealth.

With reincarnation, a soul often reincarnates in the same family lines.

This means if the zionist bastards leave massive amounts of wealth with their sires, it is like a savings account for stolen wealth, until they can reincarnate as their own great-grandson or such.

This is why it is necessary, to remove the stolen wealth from these families.

That is why it is necessary to remove at least three generations out in all directions these families. This way, the bastards will have to reincarnate to poor families, without political power.

Yes, they are ass wipes, and will start over trying to steal everything and rule the whole world, but thats better than them starting off in an organized oppression of the world in place, and them with all the wealth.

John C Carleton

Geopolitical Tensions are Designed To Distract the Public from Economic Decline

One thought on “Geopolitical tensions are Designed To Distract the public from Economic Decline-Covert Geopolitics

  1. Ralf Yuri says:

    I have always enjoyed your comments about the globalist elite and NWO, but I disagree on reincarnation.
    you investigate better you will see that the zionists serve the satan,
    so they make plans for hundreds of years, satan promises to turn them
    into semi-gods and they believe.
    You will see that all the efforts of the Zionists are to remove humanity from the testimony of Jesus our Savior.

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