FM: Trump Trying to Annul Nuclear Deal at Iran’s Expense-Farsnews

Iran, (Persia), has not attacked a country which did not first attack it, in nearly three hundred years.

They have stated, that they do not want a nuclear weapon as using one would be a sin against their religion, the earth and humanity.

If they wanted three hundred of them, so what?

The illegal crime cabal occupying Palestine/Holocusting the Palestinian people, attacking everyone around them to include America on9-11, has three hundred of them. The plans and plutonium came from the USA.

USA, a for profit international corporation, has been at war almost it’s whole existence, illegally attacking and invading country after country, has thousands of nuclear weapons.

All of the USA’s intelligence agencies for years have said, Iran does not have a nuclear weapon, and is not developing one.

Then the Zionist whores of Israhell will scream that Iran is only a year/six months from having a nuclear weapon. They have been telling the same lie, with the same time frame, for at least twenty years.

Seems to me if the world wants peace, the evil of Tel Aviv/ Washington DC has to be taken out and given a proper burial.

John C Carleton