There is a Great Evil Loose in Our World.

This evil is multi generational. It is being passes from Generation, to generation. The evil ones grow more open with their evil each day.

Take John McCain and his father. His father was the Admiral in charge of covering up the Israeli attack on the USS liberty, and the shafting of the USS Liberty crew, to cover up the fact that Israhell tried to sink the USS Liberty so that it could be blamed on Egypt. He was given a senate seat for his evil work of selling out Americans for the zionist.

The son, inherited that state seat, and has done more evil that the father ever thought of. John McCain is involved in the deaths of millions of innocent people. Dying of brain cancer, he still wants to start WW 3.

It is possible that LBJ was in on the planning, maybe the Israhellies did it because LBJ told them to. He recalled the USA planes going to their aid, and left them to die. And they would have if a Russian ship had not come to their aid.

This evil, is not all one organization. There are many different criminal organizations which associate and aid each other in their crimes against humanity.

USA is controlled by Israhell through blackmail and bribes. Israhell is controlled by the Rothschild clan, a more evil and despicable bunch of low lives would be hard to find.

USA controls much of the world through a combination of military force and economic blackmail.

Therefore the evil of the Rothschild scum, is forced on much of the world.

Each generation has seen the increase in the level of evil. Like a dope addict wanting ever more potent forms of their drug of choice, these evil degenerates seem to need more intense and sadistic evil to satisfy their lust.

The zionist controlled governments, do not even try hard to hide their evil and lies. The minions who gravitate to the evil, have no human pride, have no empathy, have no desire to help others, but sees everyone around them, as just another criminal like them, or a victim to be used, abused, cast aside or murdered.

So if Washington DC gets cleaned up, the evil is not gone, it has many other seats of power. If the vatican is cleaned up, the evil has other seats of power, if the City Of London is cleaned up, the evil has other seats of power.

Hate to say this, as my faith in humanity is at a very low ebb, but for the evil to be vanquished, Humanity has to grow, advance beyond this me first, how much shit can i steal, who can i screw to get ahead, who can i force to work, so i can sit on my ass and live high on the hog.

I am all for orderly trials of evil ones, not for mob action or rule.

The truth is however, if the top shelve criminals, pedophilic sons of bitches at the top, were magically taken out, the ones in line behind would just move into the slots, and the same evil would continue.

Humanity must grow if they want an end to the evil. Humanity must evolve into a creature who can leave the evil behind.

It is too easy to blame the evil on a handful, or even a few hundred people. But is the people of the world, did not allow this evil to prosper, it could not.

There is an old say, what if they gave a war and no one came.
Sounds silly at first, until you realize it is the answer. If humanity could evolve to the place, where they told Nitwityahoo, Trump, Merkel, you want a damn war, pick up a rifle, get your kids, grandkids, cousins, and go have your war, there would be no war. Those who order the evil, don’t have the balls to pick up a rifle and face death.

These ass holes are just ass holes, the compliance of the masses is what allows them to rule.

Teach you children honor, truth, integrity, service to humanity. Teach them that being a whole person, growing in spirit, does not depend on your worldly goods, and in fact, often causes the soul not to grow.

I hope that humanity evolves, because if this sorry world is the pinnacle of human development, it is time for the human race to become extinct.

I have been paying close attention to the world, the evil, the wars, the politics for forty four years, and the downhill slide to a complete world of shit, has been steady and unrelenting.

Whats it going to be humans, because if humanity is going to continue to sell humanity out for chump change, i hope they hurry up and fire all those damn nuclear weapons, put humanity out of it’s failed misery.

Make way for a race of beings who maybe are not so easy turned to evil and against each other.

Time grows short.

John C Carleton