The Thirty Shekel Political Prostitutes Are Officially Bat Shit Crazy

Have known that for a long time. For someone who took to politics like a duck to water, been watching Washington DC and world events closely for forty four years.

Took me some years to figure out how it all works. Always knew how it was supposed to work, but that was a carefully crafted lie, to cover up the murders, theft, illegal wars. At least they were smart enough to keep the illusion alive.

In those forty four years, have seen the quality of people going to Washington DC ever so slowly, go from bad to worse. Guess when the gig is being a bitch for Israhell, not going to get quality people applying.

I was aware that Trump would never have been where he was, if he was not one of the boys, and they had dirt to hold over his head. Hillary however, was just too dirty, stupid and uncontrollable to allow her to set in the oval office.

Gadaffi used the wealth of Libya for the Libyan people. That pissed off the Usury bankers/elite, but what got him killed was he had plans to have a gold backed money for Africa.
US could not allow this, so some of the most evil sons of bitches, and bitches themselves, in the world, with so much blood on their hands, said he was a bad man. So the US destroyed Libya, stole their gold, had Gadaffi raped with a knife before being murdered.
They installed a puppet government now there is civil war.

I always figured Hillary gave that order. When asked on a TV “news” show about Gadaffi’s death, she lit up like a Christmas tree, cackled like the witch she is, and brayed like the jack ass she is, “We came, WE saw, He’s dead”!

Now just cause i did not go to Washington, don’t mean i do not know how to play that game. Given that question, the guilty party should give a spill on how unfortunate it was that that had happened, that although he was an evil person, who kicked kittens and ate puppy dogs, It would have been much better to have captured him and had a trial before the ICC. You lie, and try to make it believable.

Hillarys owners, also own Trump. They do not care who sits there, because whoever it is, is a yes man who will do what the owners tell him to do, or else!

There is some backstabbing going on between factions in the crime family, jockeying for position. The owners like to keep things stirred up anyway. But they realized, Hillary was too stupid and uncontrollable, the people would be against everything she did.
They sold Trump as a come from behind outsider, and the voters bought it.

Trump will do and sign, what he is told to do and sign.
If Israhell did not want Trump where he is, he would not be there. Israhell highjacked the election, not Russia.

Yet you have these pedophilic, bribe taking sons of bitches, putting sanctions on Russia. This is punishment from Israhell, for Putin and Russia standing in the way of taking down Syria, and after that Iran. Every senator or congressman when elected, has to sign a pledge to put Israhell first. The few who did not sign, either were not re-elected, or they were taken out in scandals or criminal charges.

Trump the other day, said that although Iran had lived up to the nuclear agreement, they had not lived up to the “spirit” of the agreement, so he was considering killing the agreement.

Take a moment and let that sink in. Iran, Persia, has not attacked a country, which did not first attack Iran, for almost three hundred years. They have stated, that they do not want a Nuclear weapon, as the using of it would be a sin against the earth and humanity.

It is now official, the sons of bitches in DC are bat shit crazy whores who sell their services to the highest bidder.

I will guarantee you, that the rest of the world has figured that out.

Would imagine, that it is concerning to the world, knowing that there are these bat shit crazy whores in Washington DC, and they have thousands of Nukes. They are stupid enough to still believe one can “win” a nuclear war. Course, i did mention they are bat shit crazy.

The beast is dying, and it is thrashing around, looking for anything which will keep it alive. That something is a war, not one of these little sand lot wars, but WW 3, NATO and lap dogs, against Iran, China, Russia. The fuckers are too stupid to realize that they can not win that war without nukes, and using nukes is insane, but then again, they are batshit crazy.

Iran China and Russia, have more than bent over backwards, put up with insults, attacks of their military, economic well being, If the Dc whores, could murder the leaders of these countries and get away with it, they would.

Those leaders know that.

The Washington DC/USA Empire, is a mean drunk, staggering down the sidewalk, heavily armed, looking for someone to start some shit with. These other countries are trying to stay out of the drunks way, but this is pissing the drunk off, and he had taken to walking around their homes, murdering a loved one of theirs now and then, trying to steal whatever he can from them, buy more alcohol, keep the buzz going. He is cussing them openly, trespassing on their land, blaming the home owners for being trouble makers.

There are two hopes that this will not end as bad as it could.

One: The American sheep awake all at once in such numbers as to make Washington DC meaningless. Not holding my breath.

Two: The Fiat, not Federal and no Reserve(s) dollar dies. The Beast will die with it. Oh, they going to hang on to the tit as long as they can, try every economic scheme they can think of, put the country in a even deeper hole than it is now. But you can not bomb people with out jet fuel, spare parts, air craft carriers steaming all over the world. When the dollar dies, the empire dies.

I think before America will be allowed back into polite company with other nations, Americans are going to have to clean up Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, and eat a hell of a lot of crow.

The world will have to deal with the Zionist occupying Palestine.

If Americans do not clean up Washington DC, the world will be forced to deal with the evil sons of bitches. Much better that Americans clean it up themselves, go a long way, by the rest of the world, towards forgiveness for being enabling ass holes.

I am very concerned with the situation. I fear for the heath of the world. I do not have a good feeling about this.

John C Carleton

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  1. Red Tick Alert says:

    A very good and accurate article there John.

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