Putin Herded the US into an Impasse From Which There is no Escape-Stalkerzone.org

Good read.

The dumb asses in Washington DC, congress/Pentagon, think, they will do this because that is what i would do in that situation.

You want to know what someone will do in a certain situation, you have to understand a people’s values, beliefs, culture.

Washington Dc in their own self adoration, understands nothing of Russia, Nothing of Syria, nothing of Afghanistan.

Not only are the ass wipes in Washington Dc not fit to rule, those not given fair trials and a fair hanging for international war crimes, pedophilia, murder, treason, deserve to serve the rest of their lives in prison, at hard labor.

There will be no peace in the world until the evil of Washington Dc is dealt with.

John C Carleton

Putin Herded the US Into an Impasse From Which There Is No Escape