US Increases Spying Flights Over Syria’s Coast-FARSNEWS

Zionist must have WW 3 to cover up their crimes, and offer up huge blood sacrifices to Moloch. Making obscene profits financing and then selling weapons and supplies to both side don’t hurt their feelings either. Time to rid the world of this ancient evil. time to get er done. John C Carleton

The Zionist Virus

Zionism is a virus. It infects humans, once they are infected, they are no longer human. Very few humans infected with the zionist virus ever recover their humanity, and those who do are left with mental and emotional scars. The teaching of Zionist bullshit to children must be eradicated world wide. Want peace, tired of […]

9/11 Simplified-James Perloff

Good read. If you are a USA/Washington/Israhell worshiper, you will not like this, so move on. The truth burns the very being of a zionist. There really is no difference between Washington DC and Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv controls Washington DC with blackmails and bribes. The “dual Israhell and USA citizens one finds all over […]