The Greatest Discovery Never Made- Ancient Civilizations Thrived With NO Ruling Elite-Anchent Origins

NO! there does not have to be an oppressive “government” run by pedophile, blood sucking elites. Man thrived without them. Mankind will thrive again, once they all get their just rewards. Educate yourselves! Throw off the Zionist mind fuck! John C Carleton

Abolish the ATF

Although Donald Trump portrayed himself as an anti-gun control candidate on the campaign trail, the president apparently has no problem with sending federal agents into Chicago to more fiercely enforce gun laws. The New York Times reported late last month that the Trump administration has sent in federal agencies to partner with local law enforcement in Chicago, […]

Making a Deal With the Devil

Sure most of you have seen a movie where the guy or gal meets the devil, or a representative, at a lonely cross roads, to sign his or her soul away for whatever bobble their eye is set upon. This plays well in country music videos where the would be famous singer is carrying an […]