It’s a Good Day to Die, in a World of Shit

When one is in a war, when one lives with the knowledge, that one may die at any second, of any minute, of any hour, of any day, one realizes, they are living in a world of shit.

Two different ways of handling that.

The meeker of the troops, will hunt duties and positions, which will increase their chance of making it home alive, live in a world of shit and fear, until they die, or make it home.

The warrior, gets up every morning, has a cup of bad coffee, and says to his buddies, It’s a good day to die. Goes on about their duties.

This way, one may still be living in a world of shit, but one pays no attention to the shit.

Today, in the world, very much so, in occupied America, Americans are living in a world of shit. This world of shit has been carefully crafted for Americans, by the zionist scum sucking, pedophilic SOB’s from Washington DC/Tel Aviv.

One will note that the yankee Puritan zionist were crafting a world of shit for American’s before the zionist occupying Palestine took over planning a world of shit for Americans.

Time for Americans to educate themselves to truth and true history, them peacefully just refuse to play the zionist game.

Yes they may kill some Americans, but they can not kill all Americans.

So each day when you get up, think of Washington DC/Tel Aviv when you are taking your morning piss. Picture Nitwityahoo/Hillary/Trump/McShame and their ilk, as the face you are aiming at, say it is a good day to die, stand up like a real American and tell Washington DC/Tel Aviv to fuck off.

Now if they kill you, then it was a good day to die, and you are out of it. Not your problem anymore.

Either way, the zionist world of shit has to end!

John C Carleton

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