Hands off my Confederate Monuments in the Occupied Republic of Texas

Travis Park, San Antonio, Before The Gay Caballero yankee Carpetbagge pendejoberg, and his band of Mexico firster, Texican Hero Haters, RICO Crime CABAL DOWN AT SAN ANTONIO city hall, Stole Travis Park and The Texicans Confederate Memorial, a Time Capsule, and Two Cannons!

Anyone has been paying attention knows that Black Lives Matter is a George Soros hand puppet to stir up $hit in the American States.

Now, i am Texican. Several generations on all sides Texican.

Texas never was Lilly white, and never will be. Texas was wild Indians, and the tribes did not get along, avoided each other at best.

Then a few adventures here and there. Spain laid claim to Texas, along with the rest of what later would become Mexico.

The King of Spain had to get some Canary Islander families, and start San Antonio de Bexar.

Here and there some Mexican family with big balls would move to Texas. Most Mexicans were not interested.

Same as with Southern Families, who came to Texas, some families, no matter where you are from, just run to big balls.

After Mexico got her freedom from Spain, Texas was a far flung place far from Mexico City. Hard life, took big balls.

The Mexican government welcomed the more adventuresome of the Southern immigrants. the Immigrants became Mexican citizens. Everything went along fairly well until the little bantam rooster Santa Anna came to power.

He started putting restrictions on the Texicans, in-prisoned Austin.

1836, Texicans kicked Santa Anna’s butt, won their freedom, founded the Republic of Texas.

1846, somewhat illegally, Texas became a State of these United States.

1851, Nueces Strip, my first cousin, Baker Barton, a Texas Ranger, was killed in battle with Comanches.

1860, With a lot of the Southern States succeeding, and Washington showing they were a crime cabal, Texas wanted to revert back to the Republic of Texas. Texas was still a frontier, with Indians still controlling much of Texas west of the Nueces. The leadership felt if they went with the Confederate States, Texas would get help with their indian fighting from the Confederacy.
It in fact worked just the opposite, draining Texas of her troops to feed the war East of the Mississippi, and later, 1862 on, to help defend Arkansas, Louisiana.

The Indian fighting went on by Texas State troops, along side fighting the evil invading yankee war criminal scum

1865, the last battle of the late war of rape, soddomey, arson.robbery, desecration of churches and the dead, murder, by the War Criminal USA/Washington DC, was fought on Texas soil.

1875, Comanches do their last raid through the Llano, Texas area. My great Grandfathers married children/spouses, forted up, my grandfather was nine years old. My great-grandmother held the bull dog in her lap all night long, to keep him quite, and to let her know if he sensed something. The indians passed them by, others were not so lucky.

1910-1917. Mexico had their revolution of the month. The peons, masses of them, those who never came to Texas before, now came to a Texas where the Indians and Mexican bandits had been kicked out, making it safer than Mexico.
My mother in law’s family came during this time.
Poncho Villa murdered most of their family, the ones left alive crossed the Rio Grande.

Interesting side note here, as my mother in law’s family came North, my cousin 2nd Lt. George Patton went South, and in a filmed gun fight with Colt Peacemakers, the film which still survives today in digital form, shot it out with Villa’s second in command.
The dead 2nd in command and two of his dead men were strapped to the hoods of the 1917 model touring cars, taken back to HQ where Black Jack Pershing was very proud of Georgie!
This was the first use mechanized warfare in combat in the US Army.

1917-1960s. A slow trickle of Mexican families heading north of the Rio Grande.

1960s-present. LBJ sped up FDRs throw down your shovel, sit on your ass, light up a camel, this is the promised land, take from the working man and give to lazy ass holes programs. Washington decided to flood the States with illegal aliens and structured the forced on the States, give away program to draw in those who wanted a free lunch on the back of the gringo.

Present, the ball-less spawn of cowardly Mexican peasants, along with paid by George Soros blacks, (trash in ever sub race, culture), are rudely demanding that not only the working Texan, house, cloth, pay the medical expenses of, feed their children, give them free food and money, but take down any and all honors for the Texans who fought with the confederacy.

The ball-less wants all honor given to big balls people taken down, so that they can fell better about being corrupt and ball-less spawn of ball-less gentuza.

Those monuments, honor black Texans who fought the yankee scum, they were raping and murdering their women also. Some of the blacks who fought were slaves, and some were descendants of free blacks, who had fought for Texas independence in 1836.
They honor the Texans of the early Mexican families, the ones with big balls, who fought those yankee bastards.

They honor the blood of the Cherokee, who fought the evil yankee bastards.

They honor the Texans of European heritage who fought the baby raping Washington DC, US army

When i see these monuments, i view them as the grave marker, of countless confederate soldiers, of all former nationalities, who marched together, was sick to gather, worked together, fought together, bleed together, and much too often, died together, and if lucky enough to get a grave, it was usually a mass grave, unmarked.

I think of my great grandfathers baby brother, the grandson, great grandson, and great great grandson of men who fought for freedom in the first American War for Freedom. Randolph Carleton, signed up, marched off. Where he died, where he was buried, my Great great grandmother never knew, and she mourned for him the rest of her life.

Those monuments are his grave marker. The gentuza, the paid black lives matter, ball-less thirty shekel political whores, can kiss my blue blooded Texas ass. They are messing with family.

I will fight just as hard to protect the memory of the other Confederate solders, no matter where their ancestors were from.

Those who have been to war, know in the heat of the shit, you are not thinking what color or background your buddy is who has your back, and you his.
“for whoever sheds his blood with me today, shall be my brother. No matter how humble his birth, this day shall grant him nobility.’
‘No Fear’-Shakespeare.

Texas is Texas. It has always been different from the rest. it is a mixture of various sub races and nationalities.
Texican is a state of mind. One that takes big balls to live.

The big balls Texicans, are getting real tired of the ball-less come lately scum talking despairingly about their ancestors and families.

Texas is this. Couple of my grandsons, are considered hispanic, is the politically correct word now.
They are Texicans from a long line of big ball Texicans, and some of the 1910-1917 Mexican blood on their mothers side, and some came after that on their fathers.
They are also cousins to lines which go back to the earlier European colonist, (only Southern Colonies of course).
Their ancestors fought in the first American War for Freedom.
Their ancestors were Huguenots, leaving France in the dead on night.
They are cousins with Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Richard Taylor, John Augustine Washington, George Patton.

They are Texas.

Now i do not want their Texas to be cluttered with yapping ball-less dogs.

Time for the real Texicans, to take their damn Country back from a scurvy pack of pot licking hound dogs.

Do it for your ancestors.

Do it for your prodigy.

Time to take the trash out of public office.

Time to fight back against an enemy determined to wipe the memory of your ancestors, and the future of your grandchildren, from the face of Texas.

The Ole Dog!

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