What will the Current State “Governments” be Replaced with After the Economic Collapse?

The USA/Washington Dc is a war criminals international for profit corporation.

In 1865, this criminal cabal murdered the Sovereignty of all States, and occupied criminally, all States.

The State governments stopped in fact, being governments, and became sub corporations of the USA corporation. In other words, the plantation overseer who farmed the in-slaved people for the profit of the USA corporation.

Now the Empire is dying, the USA corporation is up to their eyeballs in alligators, and the swamp level is rising.

Here is the question the living souls living on the Land of the respective states need to ask themselves. What are they going to replace the failed corporation with, in their states?

When the fiat dollar scam dies, USA corporation becomes at best, a hollow shell, bitterly hanging on in Washington DC, by cannibalism of Americans and America

When the parent corporation is bankrupt, up to their ass in alligators, there will not be enough of everything to go around, States which are not critical to that feat, will be thrown to the dogs.

Don’t know about you but i do not propose to let my country, my state, my Land, my people, my family go down the tubes, a shit hole, because of the evil of Washington. I do not propose to trade a larger corporation, farther away, for a corrupt, inapt, smaller corporation closer.

That means, when the USA corporation goes down, each state, should have a plan, of a common mans government, non corporate, which can take over the overseeing of the land for the benefit of the living souls. Not talking having revolutions, armed revolts. Talking about when it becomes plain that the collaborators with the occupiers have no plan for rebuilding, bringing liberty to the states souls, there needs to be a plan to take over for the good of the state and the souls.

When your ass is getting chewed by alligators, you do not do your best planning. Perhaps each area, community, state, needs to start planning for the future, minus the corporations. That way, at least there is a plan ready to be tried.

Common law courts will have to be reinstated, with the death of the Corporation, comes the death of their kangaroo administrative courts. Can not have ignorant people holding courts. Have to become educated in real history, basic common law, procedures.

The people need to educate themselves on Natural law, the Law of the living souls.

As these plans are made, they must not be in secrecy, and seen as contingency plans, for collapse, and not a threat to throw in the face of the collaborating State sub corporations. Violence is all they know, and if they feel threatened, will act with violence against the living souls.

Each State does not have to have a similar style government, each people picking the form they want. If you do not like your states new form of operating, move to one who’s people share your views.

Volunteer associations, and no forced membership in any organization.

Something to think about.

John C Carleton

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