U.S. Official: USS Fitzgerald Crew Likely At Fault in Collision with Container Ship-gCaptain

I am for letting the Empire die. America, the Land, the living souls, do not need a huge war machine. Scrap most of those ships, sink some for fish reefs.

What you are seeing here, is a lack of training and discipline.

The Empire is dying, too much has been demanded of those who join, and too much taken, too many time being crapped on by the Empire.

A country tired of wars. The people starting to understand that all this shit is manufactured, and countries are being taken down, millions murdered, so the blood sucking parasites at the top of the Anglo-Zionist Empire, get fatter on the blood of the innocent.

After all those years of war, seeing vets shit on, learning the real story of 9-11, that the enemy was in the White house, foggy bottom, Tel Aviv.

The best and brightest, no longer join. Vets from military families stretching back generations, tell their children and grandchildren not to join.

So they lower the requirements. Some criminal history, don’t keep you out. Lower entrance scores, sometimes no high school graduation required, physical requirements lowered.

I want the Beast to starve to death, i want Empire dead. Therefore i do not want to fix the military. Just pointing out the Empire is dying.

Sooner the better for the world at large, America and Americans in particular.

John C Carleton

U.S. Official: USS Fitzgerald Crew Likely at Fault in Collision with Containership

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