Syria: People Leaving Raqqa for Fear of Attacks by US Airstrikes, ISIL Terrorist-Farsnews

Be proud America, look at what that pedophilic bunch of evil scum sucking, bribe taking, cowardly chickenhawk clowns from Washington DC are doing to innocent Syrian children and families.

Remember, Washington is backing ISIS, or ISIL. They along with Israhell, are the parents of ISIS.

Remember, the USA/Washington DC, has absolutely no moral or legal right to even be in Syria, let alone funding groups of “moderate baby raping and murdering terrorist, sent against the Syrian people, or to have IT’s military be in or carry out operations in Syria.

Talking international war criminals here.

These two arms of the Anglo-Zionist Empire, Washington DC=USA/Israhell, arm everyone they can, and use them against each other, to get what the zionist want.

In this case, Assad dead, Syrias gold confiscated, pipe line through Syria to bypass Russian pipeline to Europe, most of Syria given to the little crime cabal occupying Palestine, and holocusting the Palestinian people, for their Greater Israhell Project. Oh yes, whats left of the Syrian people, gets a Rothschild Usury bank, instead of the non-Usury Syrian banks.

American’s must thrown off the zionist mind f##k, educate themselves to reality.

Only them will they be ready to start the rebuild process, after the coming collapse of the economy and the Empire.

Not a lot of time left.

John C Carleton

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