The Empire is Dying

USA/Washington Dc is part of an Empire. It has been from say WW one on, the military arm of the Empire. It is not an American Empire, but an Anglo-Zionist Empire.

Israhell is part of that Empire. Israhell controls Washington DC through blackmail and bribes.

Israhell is not the head of the Empire, it is the Empires outpost in the middle east.

The Vatican is part of this evil empire.

The City of London, the square mile, is part of the Empire.

Central banks, UN, BIS, IMF, ICC, many others organizations are a part of the evil Empire.

The Empire runs on Usury, wars, pedophilia, blackmail, bribes, dumbing down people so they accept their slavery, while not understanding they are slaves.

The Usury scam, fiat currency, debt based economy, running all commodities, goods through Wall street and other exchanges, running up the price of food, raw materials, shelter, so the scum sucking Usury bankers can live high on the hog while the productive class gets pig shit thrown at them by the elitist bastards, is dying. When the usury scum have stole all the value there is, inflated the currency in order to steal the purchasing power from the worker class, all they can, until it is worthless, the Empire will collapse.

Cops break heads for the elites because the elites pay them to break heads. When the cop stops being paid, or the pay will not buy anything, the cop will steal what he can and go home.

When the military is starving, with out fuel for their war toys, they will steal what they can to sell on the black market, and try to make it home to their families. When the fiat dollar crashes all the way, the hush money bribes stop, minions are going to start talking, spilling the beans of the evil that the banker class have been up to. When the people are hungry, flooded out, natural disasters make huge amounts of people homeless, loss of electricity, sewer, water systems, no food at the store, money worthless anyway, and the sheep as trained, look to Uncle Sugar to come save them, they will find the elites are busy trying to save their own ass, keep the empire running, getting their butts in the underground, well stocked shelters that the working class paid for, but are not allowed in, THEN, the sheep will wake up. Then the Empire will die.

Keep two things in mind, once it does die, going to be a hard uphill climb to rebuild America.

Two, the real power behind the Empire, will wait a few years, and try to start blackmailing/bribing people in positions in the new form of government, whatever that will be.

Whether or not Americans remain free, after rebuilding, will depend on the Americans. Will the hardship, bring them back to self dependency, a love for liberty more than life?

Guess have to wait and see.

The MAIN thing now is, stay away from violence. Revolutions serve the banker scum, the elites. The Empire is much better at violence than a disorganized rabble. The Empire is much better armed than a disorganized rabble. Violence would actually help the Empire to keep it’s death grip on America’s throats.

The States have been occupied by this criminal Empire for 151 years. Think Americans can allow a couple more to let the beast starve to death, without another damn war which will leave widows trying to raise orphans, and whats left of America blown to shit.

Not just talking the Southern States here, Norther States which helped the Beast rape, rob, murder the south, were occupied at the same time, their sovereignty died at the same time, and they helped sell out their own States and people.

Let the Beast starve.

A starving beast is still a dangerous beast. Try to have as little as possible to do with it, try to stay away from all Empire minions.

Shunning is also a good tool. Have nothing to do with a minion of oppression. Let them know that you will not associate with their evil. Don’t shake the political whores hands, (blows congressmen minds), don’t sit next to any of the minions in a restaurant, ask to be seated elsewhere. Pay no attention to their bull shit, make fun of it and throw it back in their face, but do so nonviolently.

Not going to be easy. When empires die, always brings starvation, decay, death, destruction, would be kings of areas trying to move into the vacuums.

Many will die, many will not be able to face the reality, to admit they were fools who served a lying, brutal, sadistic master all their lives. That they sold their children to the beast for a warmer place to sleep. Many of these will off themselves, having neither the balls or skills to make the transition. Most people will loose people they care about.

Some, will face the new reality, accept the challenge, pull their heads out of their asses, and try. Not all these will survive, but at least they will have tried.

The best chance for survival, are those who some years back, pulled their heads out of their asses, and have been gathering the skills, knowledge, one needs to survive such times.

Those who have learned, will be needed to teach those who did not. In this case, someone don’t want to learn, don’t waste your time, find someone does want to learn, will not be time for remedial education, they accept reality and get on humanities side, or they are not only useless to humanity, but a liability which humanity can not afford at that point.

Many new things will have to be tried to find what works for humanity in the new age.

One thing should be clear, being a sheep and allowing an Empire to rule your lives, did not work.

Myself, once i find something did not work, i do not try that again.

Got a couple of Ex wives. Once i got divorced from them, never married one of them again. Went and found a new women.

Americans will have to find a new way of running their country, old way did not work, and makes no sense to take the vehicle which got us in this shit hole wreak, beat the dents out, put new tires on it and try to get it to go straight down the road, when it never did before.

BUT, violence is what the Empire wants, violence is what they need to survive longer.

Help starve the beast, not feed it.


John C Carleton

One thought on “The Empire is Dying

  1. Strange Quark says:

    excellent article. thank you. May God be with the American people and help them survive. In case The Parasite leaves America I am sure China and Russia would help America avoid the worst.

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