A Zionist Bed Time Story

Once, there was a land, called America. Indigenous peoples lived there. Europeans moved there.

There were several different European countries claimed large parts of this land, even though it was already occupied. They never explained how it was they could just claim a land someone else owned.

The zionist element among them, murdered all who stood in their way of Empire, European, black, native, did not matter. Anyone stood in the way of the “god” mandated Empire, was slaughtered.

After the Usury bankers war, WW 2, this zionist held land, set about conquering the world.

Again anyone, or nation which stood in the way of the zionist wet dream of world wide zionist control and the enslavement of all of humanity, was raped, robbed, destroyed.

The Zionist set up a small crime cabal in Palestine. The Palestinian people were raped, robbed and murdered.

There are different factions of zionist, and the fanatical judaic cult won control of the Puritan zionist evangelical christian cult.

SO now, the Judaic zionist use America and the ignorant zionist christians as their whores and bitches.

Both zionist factions are eaten up and infected with the zionist virus. As with rabid animals, very few ever infected, are cured or get over the virus, they usual die with the virus in control of their former human bodies.

SO you see Virginia, it is the duty of all good Americans to kick the zionist out of America, with the exception of the ones given fair trials and fair hangings for those guilty of pedophilia, rape, murder, usury, crimes against humanity,international war crimes.

The indoctrination of children with the evil chosen lies, by an imaginary god, making all who do not belong to their cult, fair game to rape, rob, torture and murder, must be banned in America.

All thirty shekel whores who have sold out the American people, must be given fair trials and fair hangings.

After this is accomplished Virginia, you can sleep better, without worrying about some zionist pedophilic murdering son of a bitch raping,robbing or murdering you and your whole family.

Time for Americans to educate themselves of reality and real history.

Time for Americans to grow a set.

Time to get er done.

The Ole Dog!

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