Some People Are Waking Up

Those who are awake, always are impatient with the sheep.
Want them to get it, so the cleansing of the earth can happen, a chance as the old ways die, to forge a different future than as continued cattle to international corporations. Eternal slavery to scum sucking Usury International Bankers.

Many who are on the net daily, making comments, writing blogs, trying every way they know how, to make the sheep wake the flock up, grow more impatient as the melt down and zionist Governments showing what they really think of the sheep, grows increasingly closer.

Don’t get out looking for hob-knobing with other humans now. Meet people in the stores when i have to go, in a few functions.
Sheep disgust me, as they are collaborating with evil with their ignorance or lack of moral fortitude.
When you know the truth, you really don’t have much you can carry on with a sheep, and hearing them regurgitating the zionist BS and propaganda they have been force fed from birth, even trying to bring you over to their mass ignorance, is like running down the blacktop, in the summer time, without shoes. It is stressful to the body as a whole. So the awake learns to avoid the sheep when possible.

But here i want to throw in a bit of encouragement to all of you long suffering awake.

I, in my limited daily contact, in a few days time, ran into two young ladies who were a good way along to fully awake.
Now, i am an old fart, and not real good at judging women’s age anymore. Any lady younger than me is a young lady. One was if i had to guess, might have been in her forties, the other late twenties or early thirties. Both worked in totally unrelated jobs and professions.

Now if an old fart like me starts running into people who are waking up personally, not talking the net, then there are a lot more of them out there. This is great news, because when the organic material hits the propulsion system, the more people out there who have educated themselves to reality and self dependency, the better. Humanity will need these people.

SO my feeling is that there are a good number of people out there, who are starting to question the herd mentality and the propaganda they are fed daily.

There was an old saying when i was very young, do not even remember who to give credit for it, but it went like this.

“What if they gave a war, and no one came.”

Refuse to play their games.

They are few.

You are many.

John C Carleton

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