Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War-Global Research

There were no World Wars until there were Central Usury Banks.

There were wars, but they did not reach the scale of word wars.

The Usury banker scum and their thirty shekel whores, want to bring the world, world War 3.

Educate yourself on their methods, and refuse to allow your children/grandchildren to be their cannon fodder.

Son of Bitches want a war, let them pick up a damn rifle, and take point.

You don’t have to have revolutions. The banker scum get richer from revolutions, then just blackmail and bribe whoever wins, to gain control again.

But if people educate themselves, and just stop complying with the ass holes, shun them, ridicule them, don’t join their military/Law Enforcement goon squads. Educate your children and grandchildren in the truth, and teach them to resist peacefully. Teach them not to join the oppressors forces.

Just stay home, grow some good home grown tomatoes and go fishing.

John C Carleton

Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War

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