Burden of proof, Administrative Vs Common Law.

Sometimes when i call for Pedophile/War Crimes Trials, and ask the question, why are these known serving top shelf pedophiles and war criminals still walking around, some sheep will start trying to lecture me on the burden of proof. Of course they are talking of Admiralty law, the Law of the Sea. The corporate Administrative courts of the Empire, Washington DC/USA, are the administrators of that law. They are courts which deal with Corporate law. The Law in which one corporation deals with another. The problem arises when the crime cabal of Washington DC, illegally applies this law to living souls, a big no-no!

The way these despicable anti-human corporation thirty shekel minions do the criminal act of applying corporate law to living souls, they wave their magic wand, in the form of twisting, bending, shitting on the rules, is to wave that magic wand, and put your name in all capital letters, representing you as a corporation so they can bend you over, the living soul.

This is one of the reasons there is GMO foods, vaccines, dumbing down public schools, fluoride in the water, dumping fly ash with it’s heavy metals in the sky as chemtrials, they NEED Americans to be ignorant and stupid. The better to bend you over.

Common law is Ancient law, it is Natural Law, the law of nature and living souls protecting themselves from murderers, thieves, rapist, parasites, would be rulers, control freaks, religious fanatics. It is also used to settle disputes among freemen.

When people arose who wanted to be king, a god, a ruler, Natural Law stood in their way.

One finds that in the old smaller kingdoms that now make England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, in old times lived for the most part, by common law, Natural Law.

The Romans brought Roman Law to England. Roman Law and Natural Law, or common law are eternal enemies.

Roman law, is the law of Empire and Slave master.

Common Lawyer Natural Law, is the law of the individual, a living soul, living in harmony with nature, and in volunteer association with other free men or living souls. Common law does not recognize a “god” given right to rule. Common Law recognizes the power that is Nature, accepts that there are natural laws which for the good of yourself and those around you, must be followed, but not of Empires, Kings and Governments.

The Romans did not take all of the Isles, they did not spread their Roman law to all. Then they left.

The one who returned Roman law to the Isles, was William the Conquerer. When he decided, just like the Romans did, that everyone must be taxed for the crown, empire, whatever you want to call it, was when Isles people took Surnames. Going to Tax people, keep records so no one holds out, have to have Surnames. Thats where my Surname came from. Baldwin, took it from the town that was on the lands that William took from some English Noble, and gave it to my direct Male line ancestor.

What happened with the Magna Carta, was not a new idea, it was a resurgence of ancient recognized natural rights that all men possessed, against the Roman law and rule by force.

Every time a bunch of evil power hungry control freaks build an Empire, they try to stamp out any knowledge of Natural or common Law, as it is the silver tipped wooden Stake that Empire fears.

There has been a concerted effort, to make all Americans ignorant of their Natural rights, and of the common law which is the champion of those rights, by the Washington DC Empire. Don’t want the field hands getting uppity now, reading all those all manuscripts and books, and say, “Wait a damn minuet here”!

Administrative Law, is Roman Law, the law of Empire, the slave master.

Administrative law is there to protect the Romans from the slaves and conquered peoples. The burden of proof is manipulated in ways by the criminals, so that the same rules which protect them, bends you over.

Because they own the damn courts, not you, thats why!

Common law uses common sense, yes there are rules, and they must be followed, but if a jury of living souls, in a common law court, finds that there is plenty of smoke and evidence, to put an end to a human abusing, baby raping, murdering scum bag of a war criminal, then there is no built in favoritism for the rich or the Romans.

Americans, if they want to be free, if they want to get rid of the evil scum in their midst, if they want a decent world for their following generations to grow up, must educate themselves in true history, natural rights, common law.

Knowledge, true knowledge, along with truth, is that silver tipped wooden stake which the blood sucking, human flesh eating, minions of Empire fear.

Time to educate yourself Americans!

Time to get er done!

John C Carleton

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