“How long Shall The Wicked Prosper?”

From Pslams 94:3

But a real pertinent question the awake have been asking for years.

Souls i know, which are awake, for the most part are ready for the organic material to hit the propulsion system. Like me, they have things that they would rather have in place or ready first, but the stench of evil and corruption riding the breeze, rises from all of the power centers of the zionist world wide, (they are trying), humanity slavery Empire.

The stench causes bile to rise in the throat, the stomach to twist, spittle spat upon the ground in disgust at both the minions of evil, and the collaborating through ignorance and cowardliness, sheep!

Comes a time, the stench takes away the wholesome taste of your non GMO food. Comes a time, the constant stench of rapes, murders invasions, occupations, theft, always theft, turning good or at least workable countries into shit holes for the furthering of the Evil Zionist Empire.

I am primarily concentrating on America. I am a Texan, living in occupied Texas, which is within North America
But you have Brussels, Vatican, CITY of LONDON, Wall street, Washington DC, BIS, IMF, many more.

Will take whats coming, the economic collapse in conjunction with natural earth changes causing movements of peoples from one area to another. At the same time, the European countries, and America, will have to deal with the huge influx of foreign peoples who do not want to become Europeans, or Americans, but to transplant their barbaric to Americans, Europeans, customs in America and Europe, and force them on the European and American souls.

Things are going to get real, and the geek setting on the couch playing video games is not going to survive, or their survival will not be pretty. Mother Nature likes intelligence and boldness. Those are the genes she likes to see get passed along.

Humans, minus the soul, are just another animal. Mother Nature from time to time, culls the heard, removing undesirable genes from the gene pool. This happens after easy times when the herd of animals drop little ones everywhere, as food is plentiful, and any idiot can survive, find a mate and breed.

Comes along the lean years, bad times, earth changes, drouths, floods, starvation, human herd gets culled, the truly stupid, those too timid to pull their heads out of their asses, the parasite, the lazy, the cult followers, authority lovers, those who will not get with the program of out with the corrupted old, and in with the trial of new ways and ideas, gets culled.

That way, when the times get better, and the human herd starts recovering, a lot of those undesirable zionist and sheep genes, have been removed from the breading stock. Means that the humans, will enjoy a better lifestyle for a few thousand years perhaps, before the herd builds back up with worthless oxygen breathers, evil, perverted, me first, and fuck you ass holes.

So the people i know who understands whats coming, are tired of waiting, they want the herd culled, they are tired of being forced to associate with the spawn of inferior genes. They WANT the gathering of the souls, the culling of the herd. They want Mother nature to handle that culling, and not the elites through wars, GMO’s, Vaccines, chemicals, voodoo Western “medicine” and big Pharma.

So i don’t know how much longer they can prop up the Usury debt economy. But when it ends, get you the drink of your choice, pull up a chair, you will have a front row to one hell of a show.

Mother Nature puts on the best shows.

One little, two little, three little sheep, four little, five little six little sheep!

Damn, wished i liked mutton! Going to be plentiful.

John C Carleton

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