The Common Man Will Never be Free, Until He Reinstitute Common Law Courts

The court system under the Washington DC/USA Empire, is based on Admiralty Law, the Law of the Sea.

The courts, down to the JP courts, are corporate law, meant to deal from corporation to corporation. It is Administrative law under Admiralty Law. Administrative Corporate law can not legally or morally used against living Souls. That is why when you get any summons to their kangaroo courts, it is always addressed in all capitol letters. The minions of the Administrative Courts, are claiming that you are a corporation, that is why all capital letters. Look at any communication with a “government” type organization. Your name will always be spelled in all Capitol letter.

Administrative law, and the US court systems, right down to the local JP court, are designed to protect the elite from the poor they are robbing, raping, farming like cattle.

That is why you will NOT see Washington DC clean itself up. That is why it is known well that past presidents, vice presidents, speaker of the house, heads of alphabet agencies, generals, admirals, international bankers, sitting senators and house of representative members, are baby raping/ murdering/ bribe taking, sacks of treasonist, pedophilic shit. They not only are not arrested, they are protected by the Attorney Generals office while the neanderthal tries to throw people in prison for using medical pot.

If the American people raise enough hell, the machine will throw a few under the bus while the baby raping, theft, war crimes, murders, decadent, blackmail-able behavior continues on unabated.

If Americans want to clean up Washington, their own State empire puppet “governments”, to include the sub-corporations of county and city, them the common man HAS TO reinstate the ancient practice of Common Law Courts, or courts of Natural Rights.

There is not a main line politician in Washington DC who does not have a file somewhere, say foggy bottom or Tel Aviv, with which they can be blackmailed. This pedophilic sons of bitches, are the minions foggy bottom and their lover, Mossad, control the pedophilic war criminals of DC.

There is no incentive by their masters to take them down. Their masters have a lot of time, children, money and blackmail invested in these scum. Why would they take them down? Oh sure, one pisses off the masters sometimes, and gets thrown under the buss, but that is personal.

If Americans want clean up America, it will have to be American’s who do the cleaning up, and they simply can not do that job with out their common law courts.

Time to educate yourself on Common Law.

Time to educate yourselves to the real history of the USA.

Time to get er done!

John C Carleton

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