Texas Does Everything Big, Including Corruption in Politics

Texas likes to do things in a big way, and that includes political corruption.

Know a local businessman. His family runs a large restaurant.
He was nine years old when his family left Mexico, and came to Texas. Said he was used to seeing the bribery and corruption right out in the open. Said it did not take him long to figure out it was very much here and alive in Texas, Texan’s just like it under the table, looks better that way.

I might say, it is getting to very much in your face in Texas now days.

But lets talk the early 1900s. 1915-1917, Pa Ferguson was Governor of Texas, and he put LBJ to shame for corruption.
Was nothing he did not have his fingers in. Got him kicked out of office in 1917, and never allowed to hold State office again, so he ran Ma Ferguson, got her elected, and he was back in the saddle again! Colorful character.

My father grew up in those years, so knew a lot of stories not in the Texas History books.

Pa Ferguson raised cattle, bred bulls. He was known to be able to be bribed to get someone out of prison if you had the money.

Seems that a wealthy businessman had a worthless son who ended up in a Texas State Prison.
The Businessman when to see Pa Ferguson to get his son out of the pokey. He wanted to get right down to bribing business, but pa was not a complete fool.

Pa instead on telling the impatient father, all about his bull breading business. Finally he tells the father, tell you what, i will sell you one of my bulls for ten thousand dollars, which was real money back then.

The father said, why in the world would i want to pay you ten thousand dollars for a bull, what good would he be to me?

Pa told the father, your son just might ride that bull out of the pen.

As it was then, so it is now! In a big way!

Here is a link. He was an interesting character.

John C Carleton


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