Making a Deal With the Devil

Sure most of you have seen a movie where the guy or gal meets the devil, or a representative, at a lonely cross roads, to sign his or her soul away for whatever bobble their eye is set upon.

This plays well in country music videos where the would be famous singer is carrying an old beat up guitar as he meets the devil to sign away his soul for fame.

Can’t say that never happened, but most people sell their soul with a lot less fanfare, and for a lot cheaper.

Take a politician. Some of them are just too lazy to work, look at all the bribes, sex, fanfare, golden parachute goes with bing one of Uncle Sugars sold out whores, and says, Shit, thats my ticket!
They sold right there, and each life here is so short, but until dealt with, not a fun process, the karma is eternal.

Some political whores actually start out convincing themselves that they can help humanity this way. They may even for a short time try to throw a few bones to the great unwashed masses, but the bribes, parties, and being allowed to do criminal things without consequences, just get in the way.

One day they realize with a shock, that they sold their soul, that they are owned. Again, life is so short, and to have to spend it as a dirt bag! How horrible.

Some sell out for even less. A job which pays more with less work than most others. Includes screwing people over for the slave masters, but of well, they eat and live better.

The serve As the tax collector, (Stealing from the widow and orphan). As the leg breakers, bag men and enforcers, (LAW ENFORCEMENT, Judges, prosecutors). As propaganda peddlers, and child abusers, (public school administrators and teachers).

Selling ones ass and soul so cheap!

Then there are the ones who sell their soul and ass for a pipe dream, a made up religion which promises to take care of them, make them special. Just have to bash babies brains out against rocks, murder whole town full of peoples, their livestock, steal their stuff, rape their children and women, sometimes men also. Blow up whole cities, starve to death millions of children.

They sold their soul for a pipe dream, and did it at the alter of self ego.

Poor scum bags.

So as you can see, selling ones soul to the devil, is not all that glamorous, and certainly not very rewarding.

But to each their own.

John C Carleton

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