Trump is a Hand Puppet with Bad hair, a Spoiled Wife and Daughter

If you are one of the decreasing in number trump supporters who still believe Trump will “Make America great again”, sorry.

Except for the short period between the end of the First American War for Liberty, the assassination of the Articles of Confederation, and the forcing of the slave making, Empire enabling second “constitution”, Americans actually had liberty. If America was ever great, it was that short few years.

The rest of the time has been a constant stream of illegal wars and slaughter of humanity, theft from humanity, for Empires sake.

Trump is a hand puppet which kisses Israel’s ass.

Israhell is the eternal enemy of Americans.

So the hand puppet Trump, is going to “make America great again”, by kissing the ass of the little crime cabal occupying Palestine, and Holocusting the Palestinian people?

Israhell attacked and tried to sink, an unharmed US ship, the USS Liberty in 1967 so it could be blamed on Egypt.

Fifty Years ago, Israhell murdered US Sailors, Tried to sink an Unarmed US Ship, so it Could be Blamed on Egypt.

Israhell, with the collaboration of the USA/Washington DC Evil Empire, attacked America on 9-11.

‘9-11, Israel did it’

‘America’s Zionist Occupied Government’

America’s Zionist Occupied Government

So i hate to piss on your parade, but if you still believe Trump is going to deliver on that promise, you have my sympathies.

If Americans EVER want America to be great, they will have to deprogram themselves from the zionist mind fuck they have been indoctrinated with from birth.

Oh yes, the arm shoved up Trump’s ass, belongs to Nitwityahoo.

Time to educate yourselves Americans

John C Carleton

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