Houston, We Have A Problem !

Those were the words associated with the Apollo 13 mission, in which the crew reported back to base that they had a very serious technical problem.

Perhaps today, the phrase should be, America, we have a problem!

First, i know this problem is world wide, but each peoples, must take care of their own back yard, their own area of operation.

Today, humanity lives in a world of shit. This is brought to humanity by a small group of pedophilic international Usury bankers. They use their ability to create paper money out of thin air to buy any and every business, which can be used to oppress humanity, and to herd them farther down the road to world wide slavery, and the slaughterhouse.

They own and run most of the “governments” in the world. The ones they do not control, they send the military of USA, EU, NATO, lap dog smaller countries, to harass and murder the people of those countries.

Want to know who is resisting becoming slaves of these baby raping, murdering scum bags? Look at who Israhell, USA, NATO, EU is attacking. Iran, Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, Syria, and some Latin American countries.

Libya resisted, and the Libyan head of State was murdered by proxies of the USA, after being raped with a knife.

My father always told me, “If the devil is not after you, he already has you”.

If the USA is not lying their ass off about a country, attacking that country, trying to attack that country, then the evil scum bag bankers already control that country.

Now the question is, do you want to live in a world of shit?

Do you want your children, grandchildren being used a cannon fodder and sex toys by some of the most disgusting ass holes to ever exist on this planet?

If you do, perhaps you could do humanity and your children/grandchildren a favor, and go skydiving without a parachute.

If you do not, then each and every one of you will have to do something about it.

Revolutions are the wet dream of these bastards. They love war. They love bloodshed, mayhem. They make money off of both sides.

If the side that is trying to gain freedom wins, they will just blackmail and bribe the new kids in town, until they have you by the short hairs again, and it will not take all that long.

Violence serves their purpose.

What can be done, is what Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King told the people.

Stop cooperating with them, stop being bought off for chump change. Stop selling out your children future for worthless paper with which you can buy meaningless crap that you will not even care about a short time later.

Peaceful no compliance. They can not deal with that. They do not understand peaceful, it is their enemy. that is why you see police, dressing up as protesters, mixing with peaceful protesters, start busting windows, throwing rocks, burning buildings. This allows their fellow enforcers for the evil scum sucking bankers, police, or LAW ENFORCEMENT, to come in, bust heads, arrest, murder the ones who try to protest peacefully.

The evil of zionism FEARS peaceful non-compliance.

Got to start somewhere. Teach your children and grandchildren not to join their death squads, be it LAW ENFORCEMENT or the military. Teach your children that anyone who works for the “government”, is a scum sucking treasonist bastard, to be shunned, to be avoided. That you should not associate with such people.

Teach them that the bastards of Washington DC, Tel Aviv, London, Vatican, Brussels, are evil scum sucking baby raping degenerates, who can not tell the truth.

These bastards plan hundreds of years in advance. If Humanity is to survive, as other than slaves to zionist parasites, as other than sex toys of the “elite”, humanity must get past that eight second attention span problem. Going to have to start cleaning up your own back yard, stop participating in their sham elections which fool the sheep into thinking they can make a difference by voting for one of two people, both controlled by the same evil.

Going to have to stop revering the flags of the ass holes murdering your children, stealing their future.

These bastards will try to inject violence into anything humanity tries to free itself from their control. They understand violence much better than you, they are prepared to give violence much better than you.

The world did not get to be the shit hole it was overnight, and many of us will die of old age, before humanity has truly freed themselves from this evil, but the alternative to peaceful non compliance is the same old shit, and a worsening of the oppression of mankind.

Just say no to their control.

Just say no to taking their thirty silver coins.

Just say no to going along to make it easier on your own ass.

No time to start like the present.

John C Carleton

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