The Flooding of Europe With Middle Easterners, and the States with Mexicans, is no Accident

The flooding of the European countries with middle Easterners who rape women and little children, cause crime waves is no accident.

The flooding of the States with Mexicans who piss on the States culture, laws and people, rape children and women, and cause crime waves, is no accident.

The orders to do so, and the orders that both groups be allowed to operate outside common decency and the rules of the respective countries, come from the same place.

In both cases, it is not the best of both societies which are coming.It is the criminals, the lazy, the evil, the trash.

In this day of fake political correctness, one would have to get a Spanish/English dictionary twenty or thirty years old, but there is a Spanish word, gentuza. Today it is translated as “riffraff, rabble. Before political correctness, it simply meant, trashy people.

Now if you have never spent time in Mexico, around Mexican people, you do not understand the disdain that the gentuza are held by Mexicans who are not gentuza.

When i was younger, was visiting with a young couple in Mexico that i was friends with. I asked them who all those people were begging on the streets, selling trinkets?

They replied with a frown, “they are the gentuza, trashy people.

I replied, but they are your people.

I received a lesson on classes of people in Mexico, and was informed in no uncertain terms, that they sure as hell were not their people.

These are the people which are being brought to the States by the “federal government” of Washington DC/USA. Mexico has a culture of male machismo. The more babies you have, with the more women, the more manly you are. Of course feeding them, supporting them is not part of the machismo.

The States North of their border, is the relief valve to get rid of all these excess gentuza.

The majority of them would not be here if the USA did not make damn sure they were.

Same with the Middle Easterners for Europe. I guarantee that the best and brightest of the Middle East are not the ones coming.

This is being done, to kill the cultures of these countries being invaded with the help of each countries “governments”. Occupation zionist slave masters is a better term than governments.

Kill the cultures of these countries, make them shit holes, no one will fight to stop the zionist international Usury bankers plan for a one world slave government with them in charge.

There are some more underlying reasons, but that is the main one.

If all the “free” food, money, housing, all the allowing these animals to rape, rob, murder with impunity were stopped, a good portion of them would go back home.

A “government” doing this to you, is not your friend. They are your deadly enemy.

Sadly, it is going to be up to the people of the countries being overrun, to put a stop to it, to see that their children/women are not raped by these animals, that hard earned possessions are not stolen, and sold for pennies on the dollar.

The people are not yet mad enough to get the job done.

And when they do get mad enough to get it done, they will find that the animals raping their children and women, murdering them, will be protected by LAW ENFORCEMENT. They will find that while the LAW ENFORCEMENT protects the murdering, thieving rapist, that same LAW ENFORCEMENT, will be persecuting the natives, for defending their way of life, and they families.

Hello Houston! We have huge damn problem!

Time to educate yourselves.

Time to protect your way of life from zionist scum usury bankers.

Time to get er done.

John C Carleton

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