my2cents, a Cheerleader for Pedophilia, Usury, Human Slavery, International Bankers, War, Mayhem and Human Suffering.

The Zionist Virus, must be eradicated. There is a vaccine which can help eradicate the zionist virus, it is called the Truth. That and a good hemp rope and a lamp post.

Of course, the evil infected zionist scum must be given a fair trial before they receive a court mandated fair hanging.

There is another form of execution of could be used.

Jesus said that one who would harm a child, (raping children harms them , murdering children harms them, murdering them in zionist Usury wars harms them, forcing GMO foods, vaccines harms them), should have a millstone chained around their neck and be thrown in to the sea. I suppose Jesus would not object to a couple of cinder block being substituted if the world runs short of millstones, and surly, people living inland, would be able to substitute the deep ends of swimming pools.

Those who have spent any time trying to shine the light of truth on the evil of zionism, is very familiar with the thirty shekel whores who run interference for the evil of baby raping, Usury practicing, war starting, international bankers and their two bit whores, politicians.

Pimping for evil, pedophilia, war, mayhem, GMOs, Vaccines, ignorance, harms children.

The world, humanity will either wage total war on zionism, or zionism will make this earth, hell, a shit hole in which humanity cry out for death to end the suffering and misery of their existence.

Anyone who refuses to join the fight against the evil of zionism, is aiding it.

No more straddling the fence on this! either you are on the side of Humanity, or you are a minion of evil, one of those people that Jesus said needed a heavy weight chained around their necks, and tossed into the deep end.

Oh, my2cents? Cheerleads for Usury, pedophilia, international banker wars, human misery, suffering.

This harms children.

Time to choose sides.

By doing nothing, one has chose pedophilic banker zionist evil.

John C Carleton

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