Flying Flags on the Fourth

I am flying the flag of my country, occupied Texas. Beneath that, i am flying the First National Flag of the Confederacy, to honor those of my Ancestors, who fought the evil of Zionist Washington DC. I fly it in memory of my many cousins, my great great Uncle Randolph Carleton, murdered by the evil of the self righteous zionist puritan war criminals. I fly it for my cousins, G Grandfather, and three gg grandfathers who lived through the war, and lived under occupation of the evil of Washington DC the rest of their lives.

If you look at the men who fought the British for freedom in the first American war for freedom, you will find their grandsons, great grandsons, shooting yankee zionist scum in the second American war for freedom.

The following quote from a Confederate Soldier answering a question from a yankee soldier explains it fairly well.

“Why is it” asked a Yankee of a Rebel, “that you Rebels are always fighting for Liberty , while we federals only fight for honor?”

“I suppose”, said the rebel “that each are fighting for what they most lack.”

I will never stop honoring my kin who stood against overwhelming odds, and fought, hungery, half naked, little powder or shot, not Knowing if some zionist yankee scum was raping their children and wife, murdering them, burning their home.

Hopefully some day, Americans will once more have liberty, the men who fought the evil of Washington DC, proved they had honor.

I give my thanks and appreciation to each and every Confederate soldier, who gave all he had to give, and them reached down in his soul, and found more to give for their country and families.

Forget Hell!


John C Carleton

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