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Usury Debt is a Zionist mind fuck.

Well written article.

John C Carleton

Why the Fed
The National Debt Are Illegal

This Awareness indicates that you must understand that when the Federal Reserve Bank, the privately owned Federal Reserve bank, was given authority to print Federal Reserve notes instead of the Treasury Department writing the Treasury Notes as directed by the U.S. Constitution, these Federal Reserve notes were not printed to be given out to the economy, in the way as the Treasury Notes of the Treasury Department. Rather, they were loaned to the U.S. government and then circulated into society, and society was required to pay back interest on the IRS notes and that amount of interest accumulated to the point of approximately 5 trillion dollars at this time (Revelations of Awareness newsletter issue no. 430 1994), to where, if everything in the United States were sold, half of the debt would still be owed.

This Awareness indicates that the Treasury Department has the potential for totally denouncing the Federal Reserve debt of 5 trillion dollars because it was illegal in the first place. The Treasury Department in the U.S. Constitution is the only proper way of financing the nation; Congress, operating the Treasury Department has the right to mint and coin money, and set the value thereof.

This Awareness indicates that in this fact, the Federal Reserve was never given any such a right, even with the vote of the Congress, because Congress did not have the right to relegate its obligations to the Federal Reserve, therefore the entire debt of five trillion dollars, because it was illegal in the fist place, is not forcible in a technical sense.

The District of Colombia a Loop-Hole

Another factor is that because the U.S. government is situated in the District of Columbia, which is not part of the United States, it is essentially, according to Black’s Law Dictionary, a different nation entirely. It is a Federal Nation, which rules over the District of Colombia. It has no real jurisdiction over the rest of the United States in a technical sense, and to pass laws taxing another country such as the United States is technically and legally in error.

You are being taxed by a foreign country. This Awareness indicates that this is not right, if you look at it from a legal and technical sense. This Awareness indicates that therefore, in the creation of the United States with the Capitol situated in the District of Colombia, which was not a state, an error by the Founding Fathers occurred, but this error has had benefits for the Rothschilds in that it has allowed them to break rules of the Constitution without fear being charged for treason, because these entities are not operating from within the United States, they are operating from a different country.

Thus, they can pass off their obligations to a Federal Reserve board, a Federal reserve bank; they can make rules of taxation against the masses, which would constitutionally prohibited. This Awareness indicates that it is indeed a situation in which the Rothschilds took total advantage of the loopholes, or the mistake by the Founding Fathers of creating the seat of the government in a non-state, in a District of Colombia.

Once the Federal Reserve Bank was created, people of the government needing money would only borrow from the Federal reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve bank only had to go to the Treasury Department and get money printed at printing costs, and then loaned the money out at full face value, thus making enormous profits and putting this nation into enormous debt.



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