“The Protocols of Zion-A Documentary”

Time for the world to pull their heads out of their asses.

Jew is not a race, it is a religious cult made up of peoples from many different backgrounds, and ethnic groups. The ones who give the most trouble, are the Eastern European Khazar peoples from the Steppes of Ukraine and Russia.

Not all who are called jews are evil asses, but many are because of the zionist virus they are indoctrinated with.

No less evil are the “Christian Zionist”, or evangelical christians of America. Their zionist virus did not come from the “Jew”, it is the mad ravings of the self-righteous insane religious fanatic Oliver Cromwell, passed down and sent to Mass. and New England, with the “Puritans”. Southern Christianity and yankee zionism were not the same religion. After the zionist/Washington DC, raped, robbed, murdered their way through the South, they corrupted the Southern churches and indoctrinated their poison into the minds of the Southern Children. They infected them with the zionist virus.

My mother was infected with the zionist virus by her zionist infected grandfather. She had eight children, i was the only one who resisted being infected with the evil of the virus. The indoctrination of children with this evil, MUST BE STOPPED!

Both teachings are evil, but the Easter European zionist, are a lot better at blackmail, slight of hand, and evil. As such, the christian evangelicals, or Zionist, are now the bitches of the Eastern Europeans.

Lot of good information here.

John C Carleton

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