The USA International for Profit Corporation, Must be Expunged by law, from America. IT Must be, by Law, Decommissioned

The USA International for Profit Corporation, Must be Expunged by law, from America. IT Must be, by Law, Decommissioned

Only them will Americans have a change to rebuild America and rediscover Liberty.

The USA is not a country. It is Washington DC. It is an international for profit corporation, incorporated under British Empire law. US is only one branch of a huge crime cabal Empire.

Other headquarters of the Empire, include the Vatican, The CITY of LONDON, Brussels, Wall Street, BIS, NATO, there are more.

I am an American. I will concentrate on the malignant cancer on the ass of America, Washington DC and it’s twin on the other cheek of America’s ass, Wall street.

Both evils must be surgically cut off, if America the Land, and America the souls living on the face of the Land, are to survive.

The Empire must die if America is to live. The Empire will die anyway, when the not Federal and No Reserve(s) fiat currency is no longer accepted in trade with other countries. When no one will deliver jet fuel, for green paper. Then there will be no jet fuel to bomb other countries in ever escalating international war crimes. When they run out of food, on their foreign occupation bases world wide, no one will deliver staples for green paper, the bases will be forced to close. Remember, USA is not going to have an unlimited supply of aviation fuel, to fly food from US to these bases, if they have the food to ship. Troops will be abandoned in foreign lands, their families also. No one will take their green paper for air line tickets. Nuclear driven ships and subs, can steam for a while, but sailors have to eat, and there are many things needed every day to keep these giants going. If they can make it back to US, you will see a repeat of what happened to the Russian Navy, after the demise of the USSR, probably worse.

On the home front, imports of most everything will dry up, as people or companies are not going to ship goods into the US, for green paper. This to a country which has had it’s manufacturing capacity, shut down by criminal international corporations, and a US “government which waged war against US companies who resisted moving their production over seas. IRS, EPA, OSHA, were used against them. Laws were passed setting impossible to comply with regulations.

The family farmer was taken out, farm by farm, that land going to Corporations which received tax brakes, preferential treatment, Tax payers money to prop up profits for the corporation factory farms which produce unhealthy food, animals kept in squalor, fed things they were never intended by nature to eat, injected with antibiotics and growth hormones, all of which pass on to the meat and the milk, which humans then consume.

Crops are grown with petrochemicals, which depletes the soil of the minerals and vitamins which the human body needs to stay well. They are sprayed with half the formula for Agent Orange, which the humans then eat.

Most of the corporations will cease to exist, or shut down now unprofitable factory farms.

What you going to eat America. Remember, Mexico, or no other country is going to be taking green paper fiat currency for red tomatoes.

Hospitals will cease to function, State governments, which are sub corporations of the USA corporation, they are the farmers of the people for profit in the interest of the USA corporation, will go bankrupt along with the USA corporation.

Benefits from both the USA and State governments will cease to be paid. Universities will shut down as the Student Loan scam has blown up and ceased to function, along with many banks. Credit, which most Americans have lived on for some time now, will lock up. there will be no mortgages for real estate, homes, cars, boats, food, medical care.

Many will die from malnutrition, diseases, lack of meds to keep them alive. Transplant recipients who can no longer afford, and in many cases can not get their anti-rejection drugs, will die.

Many older people, who worked all their live, saved, invested in government bonds, stocks, will wake up broke and to old to start over.
Some will starve to death, others eat their pistol.

Prostitution will be everywhere and cheap.

Until they are killed off, roving gangs of thugs, some just banding together, some former cops, will be seeing who they can rape, who they can kill, and what they can steal.

Sewer and water treatment plants will cease to operate, water mains will break and not be repaired, electrical power will be spotty at best, with some areas with none, maybe for years.

You get the picture.

Now, if Americans have the will, wake up, educate themselves, the Empire can by law be banished from the shores of America. That does not mean there will not be hard years, too late to avoid that, but planned demolition is always better, safer for humanity, when it is controlled versus the train going off the tracks once every available resource, has been pissed away trying to keep the USA corporation alive.

Do an orderly decommissioning of the corporation, sooner than later, the resources then can be used to try to keep as many alive as possible, while rebuilding and re-educating America.

The Empire has to die also, because the beings running it are criminally insane, bat shit crazy, bloodthirsty, baby raping scum bags who’s last breath will leave the world a better place.

Not a lot of time left before the train wreak. If Americans want to avoid the worst case happening, they need to sit up, learn and act soon.

Sovereignty MUST be returned to the States, not the sub corporations know as “State Governments”

The living souls, must not be taxed on every damn thing they need or need to do to live, to survive, for the benefit of evil asses.

Liberty must be returned to the living souls.

Crimes must be punished. Those who were Babylonian whores, collaborating with the enemies of America, in Washington DC, MUST be punished for their crimes against humanity. Examples will have to be made of them for posterity., as a warning to those that come after, of the price for betrayal of America and Americans.

Those high ups, who did international war crimes, must be handed over to the people they tortured, robbed, raped and murdered.

America must return to it’s roots. The declaration of independence, the Articles of Confederation.

The Standing Military, must be done away with, returning to State Militias. The living souls must decide if a war is necessary, not international corporations and USURY bankers.

Too late to not have a real bad five or ten years, but the longer the delay in starting the process, the more will die, the harder it will be on those who survive, and the longer it will take for America to rebuild, learn to rejoin the rest of the world as decent souls, not trying to shove their way of life down everyones throat, and their dick up their ass.

Up to you America! Want to gentle break that horse before trying to ride it, or you just want to jump on an old mean stallion and dig the spurs in. Your choice, but not for long. Soon that snorting red eyed stallion is going to be the only horse left to ride.

John C Carleton

3 thoughts on “The USA International for Profit Corporation, Must be Expunged by law, from America. IT Must be, by Law, Decommissioned

  1. Edits needed:
    “tax brakes” should be “tax breaks”
    “train wreak” should be “train wreck”


    Good article John.


    Sad, but oh so true John. It’s not going to be an easy ride shedding the effects of the parasite zionism has created. Sooner or later it will happen though.

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