Poking Uncle Sugar’s pedophilic Ass With a Sharp Stick

My wife has at times, questioned why i did not stop poking Uncle Sugar in the ass with a sharp stick. She understands that Uncle Sugar is evil, and murders people for far less.

Explained that i was doing my duty, what i had been sent here to do. Told her, do you really think i like this, dealing with sheep, zionist hazbara trolls every day? Do you really think i would not prefer that five hundred acres out somewhere , with the house right in the middle of it? Do you really think that i would not prefer to take the dogs and go fishing?

I have found, if you are assigned a duty, no matter how much you don’t like it, no matter how hard it is, how upsetting, refusing to do your duty will make things much worse.

I do what i do because that is why i am here. That is why i had to be shown the corruption in every institution of man. That is why i had to be shit on by the USA. That is why i had to associate with senators, congressmen who looked right in my eyes, and lied to me. They knew they were lying. They knew i knew they were lying. They lied anyway, because that is all they have after they have sold their soul and your ass..

I will do my duty.

I will not shame my ancestors.

John C Carleton

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