US is a Hostage of Zionist Extremist-Henrymakow

Good information on the terrorism that was used to form the little crime cabal occupying Palestine.

I have a problem with painting the “Jews” with such a broad brush.

Zionist now, thats different, they are evil scum. The ass holes in Washington that the little crime cabal blackmails and bribes to control, were zionist before there was an Israhell.

Jew is not a sub race of the human race, anymore than Catholics, Baptist, Church of England, Church of Christ, or any other religion constitutes a “race”

Jew is a relatively modern slang term applied to the religious cult adhering to the adulterated Babylonian religion the Hebrews brought back with them from captivity in Babylon. The Judaic religion, is not the religion of the Hebrews in the time of King David and Saul. Their “god” is not the “god” of the Hebrews in the time of King David and Saul.

There are true believers in Zionism, they are indoctrinated as children, and most never escape it’s evil. They can be kind to people in certain ways, but if their “god” says to murder the hell out of some one or country, it’s praise the lord and pass the ammunition.

My mother, who was raised by her grandfather, a rabid zionist, was one such, she tried her best to indoctrinate me with zionism. Afraid it just did not take. But because of this, i understand zionism more than most. I understand that while some “jews” are zionist, so are some Catholics, Baptist, Church of England,athiest even.

You have the true believers like the children brainwashed in occupied Palestine, by Judaic cult members, like my mother, who was raised a Primitive, or hardshell Baptist, like most of my brothers and sisters, who accepted the indoctrination, never Questioned it.

Guess i took after her parents, who rebelled against the evil, and were punished by both families for not accepting the indoctrination.

Then you have the ones, the Zionist, who understand full well that the religious teachings of zionism, no matter the brand, are pure evil made up bull shit, but it allows them to use other people, gives them cover for their evil.

You want to understand the evil that is zionism, you have to study it, it’s history. What you are fed by the zionist as what or who zionist are, is pure propaganda and bull shit.

John C Carleton

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