How and Why U.S. Honors and aids Al Qaeda-Global Research

Now, i am an ole hillbilly country boy, who can sling a few words, sometimes mixed with words my mother forbid me to use. Words i learned to use well as an NCO in the Navy Seabees. They cane in useful as a heavy equipment mechanic, when i missed the mark with the hammer, and found my thumb instead, when the heavy part i were trying to insert in a cramped part of a machine, just did not want to start, and that sharp, hot metal i had my knees on, was burning and biting in.

But there are writers, journalist, who take a subject, research it fully, arrange everything in order, use all those references. They put out pieces that inform, that tell the truth as apposed to zionist lies.

Such is this article. Preaching to the choir for many of us, who know the lies of the zionist. However, for someone just starting to Question the zionist propaganda they have been fed from birth, articles such as this should be self required reading. For those still unsure of the orchestrated evil attempt to enslave humanity, world wide, by a group of evil, despicable, soul-less ass holes, this piece is invaluable.

John C Carleton

How and Why U.S. Honors and Aids Al Qaeda

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