It is a Hot Saturday morning in Occupied Texas.

Have fed and watered the livestock and pets.

Poked a few holes and fun at the evil mass murdering hypocrites of the Washington DC/USA Evil Empire.

Read some articles telling of the USA’s war crimes overnight, lies that they are spewing to try to make night day, dark light, and evil good.

Going in a few minuets, after i water some plants, (oh yeah, home grown tomatoes) to cook some Irish potatoes and non-GMO fed, free range hens eggs. If that don’t get the wife stirring, i had better go check her pulse.

Have to get all my gear ready, so about Monday, I can arrange for a couple of my billy goats to become ground meat and Alsatian goat sausage. Best sausage i have ever eaten. Little meat market down the road a piece in the next town makes it for me.

Need to run over to one of the kids house for a project.

Somewhere in the evening, will start making the rounds of the livestock again.

Ahh! Retirement.

John C Carleton

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