News of Israeli Leaders Who Advocate rape Suppressed by Media-On the Contrary

Zionist are some of the lowest scum to ever walk the face of the earth.

First, just passing along some good information by a damn good researcher and writer.

Second, Zionist and Jew are not the same. Some jews are zionist, and some are not. Some so called christians are zionist, and some are not, some atheists are zionist, some are not, some catholics are zionist, some are not. Zionist is an evil virus of the soul, mind and heart. It eats those until the being is no longer human.

Israhell IS zionist. Israhell IS evil. Israhell is occupying a land that was never the Eastern Europeans ancestors. Their ancestral home is in the Steppes of Russia and Ukraine. And IF, they did not, but IF, their ancestors HAD lived there at some point, don’t make a damn bit of difference. These zionist scum bags have no right to even be in Palestine, much less robbing, raping, murdering the Palestinian people.

So remember, a zionist is not human, humanity and the evil of zionism, can not exist in the same being.

For the survival of humanity, Zionist must be stamped out of existence, where ever it is found.

John C Carleton

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