Zionist Hazbara Troll Has a Melt Down

Watching someone have a meltdown is not a fun thing, even when they are an evil ass hole.

Ever wonder, just what leads to someone, loving evil so much, loving raping children so much, loving blowing people up so much, loving a world shit so much, loving causing grief so much, that each and every day, they get on the internet and lie their asses off in defense of despicable evil?

It is because they are infected with the zionist virus.

Passed down in my family for generations is a saying.
It takes a thousand props, to hold up a lie, but the truth will stand alone.

The truth is not always pretty, rewarding, easy. Sometimes, if one has screwed up, truth can bring negative results. But it will stand alone and the test of time.

Lies on the other hand, takes constant propping up with other lies.

That is why there is no solid policies in Washington DC, policies which stand alone and stand the test of time. Because Washington DC is and has always been a lie. Thats why the Washington political whores each and every day, try to see who can tell the biggest lies. Its almost like a contest.

Israhell is a lie, always has been, always will be until there is no Israhell, only Palestine, no longer occupied by the big lie.

Zionism is a virus of the mind, heart and soul. When a child is infected with the zionist virus, they do not grow up a normal human. In fact, there appears to be no humanity left after they have reached adulthood. For these poor unfortunate non-human life forms, life is a living hell. Their brain, their heart, and their soul, has been consumed by the evil of the virus, leaving something that most times, not always, appears human, but it is not. A human, would not do the evil that the zionist infected former humans do, cheerlead for, lie for, throw hissy fits for, attack truth tellers, vulgarly, angrily, in defense of, and to try to spread, the evil of zionism to others.

All zionist are not from the same group, religion, culture, nation.

What binds them together is evil and lies. Criminals who band together for personal gratification and protection from the truth.

Zionism, will be eradicated in time, but the evil it will do till then, the murders of humans it will be responsible for, the wars, the pedophilia, the starvation, the grieving mothers/fathers/children, the assault on the Earth itself, boggles the mind of the non zionist human.

Until then, there will be things that sometimes look human, but are not. These beings, although repulsive, are to be pitied the same as you feel sorry for the skunk which has become rabid. One feels sorry that their life, has been taken over by a virus which uses their life form, to survive and multiply, at the cost of the life of the skunk. The skunk will die, but it tries very hard to spread the evil of the virus to others, so the virus will survive. This is not the life form, which was the skunk, doing this, it is the evil virus.

So when you see a zionist, trying to spread the sadness of their evil to all of humanity, this is not the life form of the former human, this is the evil of the virus, the human who used to be in that body, no longer exist.
All that is left, is a zionist zombie!

Just as with the rabid skunk, one can feel sorry for what used to be other than evil.

But smart humans, stay the hell away from the rabid skunk, because not only will it try to spray the stink of it’s evil on you, it will try to infect you with it’s evil. Best just to keep your distance, put it out of it’s misery, burn the misery of the former skunk, to kill the virus, so some other animal don’t become infected with the leavings of the virus.

Exposing a zionist to the truth, is like sunlight to Dracula. It burns them, causes then to twist, shake, scream, throw hissy fits, curse vulgarly at the truth, scream lie after lie to the four winds like a mangy, flea infested jackass braying frantically in every direction. They seek shelter from the truth in lies, just as a bloodsucker tries to claw it’s way back into the rabid darkness of their existence when exposed to sunlight.

Not a pretty sight. One feels sorry for the human that was, that is no longer human. BUT, just as with the rabid skunk, humanity must protect itself from the evil of the virus.
There is no living in peace with the virus. Just because you would try to live in peace, does not mean you will be allowed to. The evil of the virus, hates peace, hates respect for others, hates truth, hates the sunlight of truth which illuminates their sorrow and evil.

The evil of the virus has to have filth, lies, darkness, war, starvation, rape, misery to survive, to exist.

Last couple of days, i have watched a zionist Hazbara troll have a major melt down. This troll has been slinging its shit for years. Not the first melt down i have seen IT have. Not a pretty sight. Have sympathy for what this evil could have been, had IT not been infected with the zionist virus, but one can not allow ones feelings of sympathy to extend to the virus, and when the virus takes over, the evil of the virus is all that is left. There can be no sympathy, no peace with the virus by humanity. Humanity must protect itself from this evil.

The zionist lie is spiritual death.

Truth is the light.

Hold truth high, so it will illuminate the evil of the lie. The evil of the lie, can not long exist in the presence of the light of truth.

The Ole Dog!

27 thoughts on “Zionist Hazbara Troll Has a Melt Down

  1. fuster says:

    you’re a ridiculous liar and fool

  2. Shahna says:

    Okay….. who/where’s that troll?
    Wanna see the wimpy whiney too!

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