US Setting Up Military Base in Syrian Province Of Raqqah-Information Clearing House

Syria is a Sovereign Nation, recognized as such by the international community, less the zionist war criminal.

US, has not been invited by the international recognized Syrian Government, to have even one military person in Syria.

Syria has not attacked America, Americans, or the USA/Washington DC crime family.

Thus, US having troops in Syria, shooting down a Syrian military aircraft, inside Syria, which was fighting the terrorist the US sent to try to murder the Syria head of State, and occupy Syria, US bombing Syrian troops in support of the terrorist the US sent against Syria, to murder and rape the Syrian people, are each and everyone an international War Crime.

Trump is the President of the US, and the commander in Chief of the US Military.

This makes the USA a international criminal organization, and Trump an International War Criminal.

USA, is doing more and worse things today than the Nazis ever did.

And the USA, hung German civilian government personal, and German military personal for war crimes.

War crime trials, Washington DC, 2017.

John C Carleton