While Families Celebrated Fathers Day, The US Gov’t Just Committed an Act of War

One would expect a rabid skunk to be more human than the Pedophile zionist international war criminals of Washington DC/Tel Aviv.

One notes that the War criminals of Washington DC has absolute no right or authority to even be in Syria. Their being there means they have invaded a country which has not attacked USA/Washington DC or America. This type act is recognized world wide as an International war crime.

So Washington DC’s excuse that they did it because Syria was attacking terrorist that Washington Dc, in a international war crime, sent to try to murder the Syrian head of State and occupy Syria, is the Cognitive Dissonance hypocrisy of Zionist pedophilic ass holes.

This was an international war crime by international criminals, nothing more, nothing less!

John C Carleton

While Families Celebrated Father’s Day, The US Gov’t Just Committed an Act of War

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